Good to know Wordz-Terminology

So… Since this is MY Dating blog… I’m going to be comfortable and type/write to you as if I’m speaking to you in person so here’s a Quick study guide on some key terms and phrases.

Red-Flag: a big warning sign of trouble/bad things ahead

Wack: something undesirable

Deploying/Firing Miss-Iles: Using Charm and conversational persuasion to Woo a young lady

Chop-Down: Basicly the same thing as Firing Miss-Iles just more deliberate, faster, direct

“All-Bad”: …. uhm actually this should be self explanatory! (Also see; Chafe)

Chafe: Something that irritates me or grates my nerves! (Also see; “All-Bad”)

There are more That Im sure I’ll add as I post stories… but for now this will do.