“The Bat-Sh*t Insane Award goes too…”

There is ONE woman who I will say STILL TO THIS DAY defines Nightmare Fuel unfortunately I have numerous stories about this young Scorpio lady because this was when I was much younger and unsuspecting of insanity… THIS post however will just be a general synopsis of her terror… a “Resume” of sorts…

We will call this loosely wrapped future scientologist (yeah i said it)

Terror Alert level

Ivory has done about every crazy thing that you can imagine other then going all out Left-Eye (R.I.P but yall know that was some crazy ish to do cmon!) or bobbit (thank GOD!)

This young lady threatened my coworkers, showed up at my house uninvited AND unannounced all times of the day and night stolen things, broke into my voicemail, attempted to murder inanimate objects, spent time in Juvenile, spoken in strange accents, delusions of grandeur and of course unexpected and over dramatic mood swings! However ONLY BECAUSE there was no REAL damage to myself or any MAJOR property She gets a…

Nuckin-Futs Rating:

in fact, 5 years after dating this effin INSANE young lady I ran into her around 2 am at a 24 hour drug store. If it wasn’t for my best friend Lou I’m sure that she would have attempted to follow me home and wear my skin around her waist as a belt. Not only that but I wouldn’t be completely sure that the encounter happened.

Did I mention that years later, my friends and I bored one day went to ClevelandMunicipalCourt.org…. after looking up our petty traffic violations we find our good friend “Ivory” had all manor of charges, one of the most note worthy was “Promoting Prostitution” ….oh yeah… I know how to pick em!

I’ll post more stories amazing stories about my exploits with this young lady another time… because there are PLENTY!