Is your woman cheating on you?

Well hell how am I suppose to know?

(I mean, other than the fact that I somehow attract women who are unhappily Married or in serious relationships.)

I’ll tell you what… would it help you if I told you some of the tricks you’re ladies use while they’re putting their clothes back on? OF COURSE it would! I’d be glad to help!

First off… you’re Welcome

Wordz... Here to Save you

Second, these are just things that I’ve noticed however just because these things apply to you doesn’t mean she’s cheating… she could be about to cheat hahaha.

Strange phone behavior

“hmm…. she never use to leave the room when her phone rang at night?” or…

“What’s with the short answers”  (she’s giving the person on the other end of the phone Yes or No answers… being very short, vague and rushing them off of the phone.)

or MY personal favorite… giving YOU that short treatment when she’s “Out” with “friends

She's talking to her "friend"

“Wordz, What do you suggest?”

This one is extremely case by case, if you’re girl is very experienced in the art of deception she might Just change the other guys name in her phone to one of her female friends (*cough*). Then again there are apps for this sort of thing now.

The last black berry users... are cheaters

She picks unnecessary arguments… OFTEN

Women have been using arguments against men for numerous reasons since the beginning of time… its how some of them feel certain things out and gather information in some cases. Are you however beginning to notice the frequency of random arguments? Increasing conflicts and spontaneous turmoil?” Yeah… well depending on what stage of cheating she’s in, those arguments are going to be less and less “Random.”  Your woman knows the things to say and do to spark an instant full fledged argument that usually forces one of you to end the convo and or storm out of the house. Not only that the arguments usually start… over you guessed it… NOTHING SERIOUS AT ALL!

an argument over how "loudly you blink"

“Wordz, what do you suggest?”

First of all stop watching sports center or World Star Hip-Hop and pay attention. As I said before, those “random arguments”… are NOT random. Do you argue on the same nights every week? or better yet for the advanced adulterer: Do you argue TWICE (or the same amount of times) every week (every other week?) Do you argue when she’s out with her “friends” and you call her? Does she storm out? Better yet, if she’s awesome do YOU storm out/Hang up? I’ve se this happen in so many ways and there are SO MANY variations of this, however depending on how much she’s cheating and how much smarter than you she is… there’s usually some sort of pattern to watch out for. WATCH FOR IT DUMMY!

Arguments... a girls best friend

you’ve become a sh*tty Boyfriend/Husband

That’s right, you guessed it… YOU and your behavior (or lack thereof) can be considered THE NUMBER ONE reason and sign your lady is cheating.

Congratulations... your'e a Douche. (and thank-you)

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a percentage of women out there who are not to be trusted and are just cheaters. This is still my friend, YOUR FAULT because you should have done a much better job of selecting your counterpart… after all you can’t turn a h*e into a housewife… (but you can turn a housewife into a h*e)

“Wordz, what do you suggest?”

well for starters… STOP BEING SUCH A DOUCHE! Listen, the common thing I hear from women as they are putting their clothes back on is how good things USE to be and how terrible they are NOW. (or how terrible they are in general.)

The thing is… the damage is done, if you still want to keep your relationship you’re gonna have to stop being lazy and put in the work to treat her like a human being again.

Just remember, if you don’t treat your women properly they will seek what they are missing in another mans arms… lots of times that guy ends up being me. (Thanks again.)

... especially for driving broken women into my life

There are lots of others… heck I didn’t at all get into the “New Friend” or her “Hanging out with her friends” allot more… but hey… maybe I’ll make another article later.

Oh, and by the way… I realize I didn’t give you a whole heck of a lot of advise, reason being lots of my secrets… are just that MY SECRETS… besides, if someone is going to cheat you can’t stop them anyway.