What EXACTLY is a Thirst Trap?

“Wordz… What exactly IS a thirst trap?? That isn’t in your Wordz-Terminology yet!”  Well my young friend, any red-blooded young man has seen and or fallen for MANY a “thirst trap” in his day… Thirst traps are basically fast ways women seduce/get attention from men. As technology advances evolves and adapts it has changed and continues to change the ways that women set these thirst traps (usually when they get bored or want some attention.)

ex. fellas, when we buy a really fancy vehicle… that can be considered a thirst trap for certain women.

and you thought she loved you for your acne

(get it yet? thirsty-trap?)

Trap Sprung! (Live Thirst trap in action)

So, THIS is about the modern ways bored women get their jollys off toying with your over eager thirsty male mind….

Sexually Provocative/Suggestive Screen names:

Fellas, this has been going on since the days where AOL was “THAT SH*T” (my bad “really cool” for those of you who are context clue retarded.) The “Sexual Screen Name” was not only an easy to fall into thirst trap however as lots of guys back in the AOL/AIM days began to realise… this thirst trap was ALSO set by desperate women and or women with nothing to lose.

“OMG Wordz! How do I spot this trap?”

well luckily for you this ones pretty damn easy to identify… so here are a few examples off the top of my head that you can just automatically assume are “thirst trap screen names”

MzSucknSwalla,MzCum4phun, MzJuicybigbooty, bigbootyqt, TigolBiddyMissy, MoneyShotMindy, 69Shawty69 

(I swear i just made those up but I promise if you twitter or IM search those names or variations of them some half-naked/extremely sexual young lady will come up)

Other indicators: Practically any name with the words “Cum, breast, titty, lick, booty, butt, nipple, sex” or any relating to sexual acts….

“How Dangerous is it?”

well it’s not THAT dangerous if you have more than 2 brain cells

unless you’re REALLY lonely (desperate)

however if you’re in a photoless chatroom or IM this one is probably THE MOST dangerous because falling into THIS trap you run the really high risk of uh… how do I put this delicately….

Meeting THIS guy!!

(So maybe that wasn’t delicate… I’m as subtle as a brick *Kanye Shrug*)

then again without idiots and lonely pervs Dateline NBC wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR as fun to watch.

(and this wouldn’t be such an astronomically epic win)


This one is REALLY sneaky, this is where a young lady gets really bored (or is just desperate for attention) and plants a land mine of a Thirst-Trap that to most guys is fairly irresistible. She says something online and either has a million “likes” and or a million replies/ReTweets (for the twitterers.) Nearly EVERY guy I know has fallen for and will fall for these at one point… yes even me. (I usually avoid these traps when I know the young lady has a track record for being an attention whore.)

“OMG Wordz! How do I spot this trap?”

the worst thing about THIS thirst-trap, is that it has many forms and are easy to fall prey to. pay attention for when that cute girl you know suddenly posts a status like:

*Sigh* I’m lonely

I wish I had a boyfriend

I need a cuddlebuddy

I want to go on a date

I’m SOOOO bored

(My Friends Thirst-Trap… Thanks HK)

Really sneaky girls sometimes use complaints or talk sh*t about their situation (all thirst bait… DO NOT be fooled)

Men suck 

I can’t stand some guys… a real man wouldn’t _____

I hate it when I can’t sleep

(then you have the obvious/direct ones like my little sister uses, they’re usually followed by one of the above or come before one of the above…)

Someone text me, I’m SOOOOO Bored

I can’t Sleep, Someone Txt me

then there’s always the h*es…

oh yes… there’s ALWAYS the H*ES… smh

“How Dangerous is it?”

This one if VERY dangerous because of how easy it is to fall prey to it, the only saving grace is what you say if you fall into one of these traps because honestly if you don’t try to come to the rescue… you aren’t THAT big of a victim… but you ARE still a statistic.


This is the number one Thirst-Trap that gets most of us most of the time… and it’s the one that pisses me off more than any of the others (probably why I listed it last.) The craziest thing about this thirst-trap is that the girl doesn’t even have to be cute to spring it on you… she  can be very skilled at taking pics from flattering angles or be really REALLY awesome with Photo editing software (or have friends who are.) Lots of women have realized that you can be whoever you want to be by representing themselves how they want everyone else to see them!

“OMG Wordz! How do I spot this trap?” 

This Thirst-Trap is the MOST common and for the most part the easiest to spot… 

Common Thirst Trap

Lets Examine… This picture is an excellent example for numerous reasons, She’s attractive, “into football,” and her breasts are out… for those three things alone I’d bet my left arm this photo has tons of comments/likes, and she has over a thousand “friends/followers.” this is a halfway subtle… almost less obvious thirst trap…

Others are NOT Subtle at all

No need to explain how this is a thirst trap…

“How Dangerous is it?”  

Well Fellas… I’ll put it like this

…nuff said?

Yeah… this thirst trap is insane dangerous… with things like Photoshop anyone can be ANYONE they want you to THINK they are! How do you think these 10 year olds keep getting kidnapped online? Don’t assume you’re too smart to fall for it either, I knew a young lady who had 4 full galleries of photos taken at what i call “the perfect angles” and when I ran into her… she was NOTHING like the pictures at all! OR EVEN WORSE… you ever wonder how your ex just won’t go away?… seems to be places that you are with your new girl? … seems to know way too much about what you’re doing and you don’t speak to her?? Yeah… she created a fake Facebook page with thirst traps designed for YOU… and you fell for it…


…You’re Welcome…