Are you ACTUALLY good in Bed??

YET AGAIN WORDZ IS HERE TO HELP!! I’m about to Make you better in bed ladies!!

It’s no major secret that I have more mileage than a used tire on a big rig okay? Not really proud of it but it is what it is. This is written because I’ve been asked in the past “What makes sex Good?” and because I hear SO OFTEN from ladies “I’ll break your back” or “I’ll have you at my door like a lost cat” (which afterwards leads to such epic bed-room disappointment that I almost change my number.)

That being said I’m aware that you feel we as men aren’t as good as we think we are OR aren’t as consistent as you would like us to be, however this is about you and the fantasy that you’re sitting on… not us.

yes yes I know… you’ve “Never had a complaint”

you “Keep em cuming” (Quick even)

you even “Keep em cumming back”

or my personal FAV “Guys are ALWAYS tryin to get it from me” (Usual translation: “I’m gettin d*ck allot.”)


Here... you think you've earned it

The sad truth about most of us men ladies is something you already know, (heck from time to time insult us for) we just love sex… let me dig deeper for you.

Most of us love sex and the act of it regardless of “quality” (which is a great thing for a lot of y’all!) So in a way MOST of us men are allot like Cleveland Sports Fans at a game… Win or lose we’re just excited to be there!

Especially if LeBrons going to be there Crying

Not only that but most of us aren’t really that picky about who we get it from… especially during what would be considered a “drought” … and ESPECIALLY with LOTS of liquor and no lights…

(untill the next morning that is)

I however am here to disambiguate “Good Sex” and “Exceptional Sex” and define what components at least make sex above average and help assist you ladies in making yourself even MORE amazing then you (think you) are!

I usually rate my “Good-Sex” in one of two categories (its rare to be in both.) However due to numerous convos I’m adding a third.


NO! I’m not saying women are cars <Insert Obvious “Ride” Joke here> and NO! I’m not talking about a broadway musical either… by performance I’m talking about your overall activity during sex.  Ever been called or heard the term “Lazy Lay?” yeah well they weren’t referring to a poorly put together assortment of Hawaiian flowers on a necklace…

... Dumb *ss

Now there are lots of little sub categories that go in to this (like flexibility, balance, “durability”) but I don’t feel like going into those this post. The point is minimal to no “involvement” is NEVER good, whats even WORSE tho is when there’s LOTS of involvement but no synchronicity or the “performance” is just all wrong… agh the horrible horrible memories… *head down*

“Not that this applies to me Wordz but… what could one do to improve??”

To be honest I’m not sure HOW the very very few exceptional young ladies I’ve encountered gained these skills… was it years and years of practice as a slore? Perhaps, However I have a MUCH better Idea that puts your health at less of a risk…

GO BUY A PORNO… and not just Any porn either. Ask your partner who his fav female porn star or fav video is damn it…  (whether or not he tells you he watches… he does… or ask me who performs well… I’ll tell you) then see what they do differently in bed… not just WHAT they do either… HOW they do those things you already do. Be honest with your partner… tell him you’re tryna improve on perfection and he’s your guinea pig HE WILL LOVE IT (I know I would.) Then try some things out… Practice makes perfect.

It wouldn’t hurt to attempt to stretch more to increase flexibility either…

FACT: 90% of guys seeing this are now Horney... the other 10% are gay

You’re Welcome…

Tightness or “Elasticity” (if you’re a jerk)

Well uh… this shouldn’t take to long to explain… as men we like to feel a SQUEEZE!

Get it? They say loose lips sink ships… well loose lips also ruin sex faster than limp d*ck does for y’all. (Even tho it’s not the lips that are in question… … SHUT UP it was funny!)

“Not that this applies to me Wordz but… what could one do to improve??”

I spent years in love with someone with no walls so Let me help!
1-100 Kegel excercises you can flex those muscles frequently throughout the day OR they have lots of adult aids to assist y’all with them. they even have these little balls of different weights and sizes that they make to help you excercise these muscles. (Wild right fellas?) For those too lazy for that they have liquids that swell the inside f a woman temporarily so simulate tightness… most of all these things are over the counter at an ambiance or adult mart.
The sad truth tho is once its bad its bad… but that stuff up there… WOO let me tell you… a Strong Kegel = happy guy.

Catchin feelings and EVERYTHING!


Aight this portion isn’t about to be fair at all… why? Well this is the one that my friends made me mention, The real reason I don’t rate this is I’ve been lucky enough to NEVER have an issue with a woman who wasn’t all the way “dripping” wet. SO even when I encounter a young lady who prides herself on this, I kinda “Kanye Shrug.” my whole sexual life it’s “Cum… with the territory”


Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway I can see where this WOULD be an issue…

Has to be worse than this I'd imagine

“Not that this applies to me Wordz but… what could one do to improve??”

there are millions of solutions to this, lubricant, actual real foreplay from a dude (there I said it… happy?) masturbation… but Nothing to me substitutes good ol fashion sleeping with someone who sexually stimulates you. Yeah yeah yeah I know… I’m just kidding but honestly I didn’t care about this one anyway.

My basic theory about sex as a whole however, is that someone is only as good as the other person’s previous experiences. From my experiences this was written, as good as you are or aren’t there’s ALWAYS someone better and ALWAYS someone waaaay worse. To a Veteran you might be average… to a rookie you might be GREAT… or vise versa, regardless you should strive to better yourself and better your sex. till next time… be good to yourselves…. and your genitalia haha!