Strange things that turn me off

Hello again beautiful people… and the ugly people in the front. It takes A LOT for a girl to become a woman, and EVEN MORE for a woman to be considered a “Lady.” I can imagine that it is a lot of hard work… mainly because I see lots of failures each and every damn day! So this article is about things that turn me off when I first catch a glimpse of a young female “doing the least.”

First allow me to say that some of these are case by case as is everything in life, however a few of these are not!

Before a date even goes down… before I even ask you for youre phone number… a few things that my friends and I see as automatic point deduction or instant disqualification. Feel free to step your game up based on these things.

Bad hygiene

*throws up in mouth* OH LORD…

I’m sorry I had to do that to you fine people… but C’mon… REALLY?! do I even Have to say anything about this? Hell I’m flossing right now (really I am)

“Wordz… What’s so Bad about that?”

You serious? Did you really ask me that?? A lady… no no forget Lady, Woman, Girl, a FEMALE… has so many things going on with her body that she NEEDS to have epic hygiene otherwise there is NO-WAY I am going to deal with her.

Allow me to dig deeper, I’m so serious about he hygiene thing that lots of times I’ll shake a womans hand to look and see how dirty her nails are and if i can see dirt under her nails etc. as far as odor, she doesn’t HAVE to smell like perfume or nice oils however it is NEVER ACCEPTABLE to EVER smell like fish EVER… NEVER EVER



Yeah baby... that's YOU

Fish or just bad musky body odor is not good at all, not just because I have an amazing sence of smell… but because you don’t wash your *ss or you don’t do it properly… and you probably have a UTI or an STD and I hate you…

Pajama Pants in public

“Wordz… What’s so Bad about that?”

To lots of women its cute, to others is quick… to me there’s just something about PJ pants in public that makes me feel like you don’t wash your *ss before you leave the house… like you woke up in the morning… rolled out of bed… and left the house. Even worse, I think that you walk around all day then hop RIGHT BACK into bed with PJ’s that have been getting dirt and etc from outdoors on… STILL with no clean up… nuh-uh. I will not be responding to ANY woman wearing PJ pants in public…

I mean if you’re grabbing the mail or something I can count that as a reasonable exception… a life or death incident like a house fire or needing to run to the hospital.. absolutely… but if you are going more than 100 feet from youre house or into a business… NOT A GOOD LOOK!!

furthermore for most of you ladies PJ pants are perhaps the most UN-flattering article of clothing you could wear, even if you have curves (unless they’re over proportioned) the fact that they are covered in blue brown and yellow scooby-doo or pikachu RUINS EVERYTHING!

Dirty *ss Shoes 

Growing up I noticed that most women pay VERY close (almost obsessed) attention to shoes. Why? Well what man really knows why most women are so obsessed with shoes however a friend told me. “If clothes make the man, his shoes define him…”  and apparently “a mans shoes say allot about him.”

I PRAY... They don't!

“Wordz… What’s so Bad about that?”

Well little Jimmy let me explain, from the intel I’ve gathered over the years (plus a few articles I’ve read about the psychology behind the shoe thing) most women love their shoes… for some its about pride… for some it’s a link to how they feel about themselves but no matter what the reasons are unless a woman is working out or going to the store… they’ll have CLEAN (and usually very unique) SHOES! A woman with consecutively dirty or beat up shoes (when not at work or working out) is scary to me… it’s almost like she doesn’t give a damn about herself, either that or she just doesn’t have a sence of style but it always makes me wonder all types of outrageous things like…
“what is she spending her money on? Does she have a drug habit?” (one of the times i made an exception that WAS the case)

“Her shoes look REALLY OLD does she have bad hygene?” (another exception… yup… was the case)

“Does she have low self esteem?” (You guessed it… exception… def was the case)

now of course not EVERY woman with wack taste in shoes is crazy has low self-esteem or bad hygiene… hell i know plenty of women who have those problems with GREAT shoe game… I’m just saying that if shoes are important to most woman they should be something we as men look at as well cause they care more about it them most of US do

I know these are you're Fav Shoes boo... it's cool

The Short Pony tail aka “THE MISTY”

This or the straight up hair wrap… bad.. ultra ghetto… wack…


“Wordz… What’s so Bad about that?”

WHAT ISNT BAD ABOUT THIS!? the insulting thing to me about the short pony tail is you actually took the time to find one of those hair band things… grip the finger full of hair you have… and put it up in that way… WHY?! This shows me that you are unimaginative and or super lazy AND OR young as hell! Why not just brush it? Put a hat on? Comb it really quick? ANYTHING but “The Misty!!”
I hate it… I can’t continue!

(More coming soon!!)