“My [ ]… a place for the insane…”

a sign of things to come.....

Long ago…

in a distant land… far far away…

Unless you’re in Cleveland Ohio, I decided to date a woman on what is now called “My [                   ]” These days this site has been replaced with Fake book… err uhm… I mean Facebook and Twitter. (even tho you could do way more on MySpace, it was just more time-consuming, not as simple and didn’t have those addictive games until it was far too late.)

Yeah... Good luck with that...

I will say that two of my notably all bad Sadventurez start on MySpace… no wait… I take that back… lets just get to the story shall we?

I met a passably attractive young lady who for the purposes of this video we shall call


During our first few conversations Siera was a nice young lady, old fashion ideals, appreciated little gestures, had a love for my poetry… a young lady after my own heart

she should have been after some Zoloft or some Promazine…

Pick one... as long as you GTFO!!

Anyway, she put up a very wholesome front long enough for me to agree to go out with her. When I first met her I was pretty impressed, she was dressed in a classy yet casual way, if memory serves she had on a red and black (my favorite colors at the time) ensemble nice heels, cute black frames, smelled nice, hair was done, was well spoken and was very well manored. I was impressed, SO IMPRESSED I took her to my friend and fellow poet Jason’s house before the date for approval.

The date itself went pretty well, we had fun talked ate made out and had protected consentual sex later… five-star night. It wasn’t untill she came over a day or two later to “watch a bruce lee movie” that all of the super bad things began to crawl themselves out of the woodwork like evil truth mites!

Truth Mites are as UGLY as they are Bad-Ass

when she showed up at my house the young lady I met was NOWHERE  in sight… now I know that someone isn’t ALWAYS going to wear heels or have their hair and nails done all the time… nor will anyone ALWAYS wear their best clothes… I get that, however the dramatic 24 hour change was crazy. I’ll put it like this… Have you ever walked out of someones house with central air at like 60 degrees? Then walked outside only to be smacked with the 102 degree heat that you forgot about?

...or the sudden loss of a loved one...

Yeah… that dramatic of a difference! I’ll never in my life forget what she had on (and I have the memory of a gold-fish) she showed up at my door with her hair all over the place, she had on a dirty t-shirt grey gym shorts and some beat up shoes.

so you ask “Wordz why does it make a difference? why are you so superficial?” The reason it made a difference was simple, I was sold this image of her on-line, via conversation, throughout the date, later that night even. It was like food with MSG. She set the bar for herself pretty damn high early on. Not only that but to a guy it’s almost like being lied to.

did I mention she smelled like Weed too? Yeah… such a lady…*

Now I want to stop here for a moment to back track… Lets talk about the sex briefly… Disclaimer: In no way is what I am about to say a statement made to brag it was a simple observation that further cements not only a personal spiritual belief but a personal sexual theory. *Ahem* So… I’ve had… uhm… afew ladies in my time and I made many an observation ONE of which is every woman has at LEAST one patented Trick or Talent in the bed room that you can remember her for (unless she’s just absolutely HORRIBLE)

the spiritual belief that was cemented was that there is NO SUCH THING… as coincidence. this young lady had a specific trick that I hadn’t seen in around 4 -5 years that is very specific and pretty difficult to perform much less duplicate. In fact she wasn’t that good at it however I’d only in my many “travels” only saw this “trick” dont by …


Ivory is the young lady that was given the ever coveted “Bat-Shit Insane Award” a few articles back… the one that stalked me and got utilities messed with… yeah… her… So first Siera tells me that she works at Adult-Mart full-time. (Which is actually more funny to me then is “all bad”) then later on that night reveals that she knows Ivory… because they work together and my name “came up at random.”

................ (shaq face... nuff said)

Siera went on to say that Ivory told her in detail about EVERYTHING that went on between us… EVERYTHING… especially the sex and started this crusade of telling me how much her and I are “ment to be” and how “perfect” she is for me….

jr shaq face... same effect

she started going hard, blowing up my phone, my email, my space inbox, txts calls… all this and she just kept telling me that in the few days she’s known me she knew that we were perfect for each other……….

kiiiinda like that

so when she contacts me telling me she’s going to smoke some weed and pop E for the first time then bring a friend over… pardon me if I fearfully declined, (besides I’d decided to never speak to her again prior to that.**) Yeah a couple of my friends said I was dumb for not jumping on the “Easy three-some” but that young lady already had all SORTS of issues PLUS knew Ivory. Which is Immediate Disqualification no matter who you are…

Although she looked good as HELL in a dress

(I Must add, as Many of us already know… by the attire and her request to come over to watch an old flick it was simply what my boy will would call “Hammer Time” regardless… but I’m just saying.)*

(I have to also mention that I tried to salvage her prior to dissociation… I did my best to make her realise that she was “doing too much” and let her know that she didn’t know me well enough to feel the way she felt ESPECIALLY because i hate substance abuse… but she just lost her mind… then lost me)**