BEWARE!! More Thirst Traps!! (plus how to disarm them!!)

Hello friends… the epidemic of Thirst Traps is spreading like wildfire… however, I am STILL here to inform AND to save you all!!

You're Welcome...

So for those of you who are unaware of what a “Thirst Trap” is… Click here to read my first article

(or just wait b/c there are plenty of submissions on the way from my supporters.)

First order of business… Many of you have began sending me Examples of thirst traps on your Time-lines etc… Sending me screen shots etc for this very article… well… here they are!

(Disclaimer: Because I’m sure sooner or later someone is going to find this article and be MAD AS HELL that they are one of the people who has thrown out a thirst trap on here… Don’t get mad at me… people have sent these to me… you should be happy that I blurred your name/face/Screenname/etc. Maybe you shouldn’t be so hungry for attention….)

Face Book Thirst Traps!!

Submitted by The Thirst Trapper herself lol

Submitted my yours truly... (this persons one of my fav people tho!)

This next few are all the same young lady… I’ve been sent more from her… but uh…. yeah this would have ended up being HER article and not mine, 4 is enough.

Submitted by Ruffin

(I must add that the last person on there handled that the right way… even tried to make money off of it *claps* Bravo Bravo!!)

Submitted by Ruffin

Submitted By Ruffin

(yeah sorry about the highlight… deal with it)

Submitted by Ruffin

Twitter Thirst Traps

I Just went FISHING for Thirst traps this morning… and uh… WOW…..

I couldn’t believe that one… so I allowed myself to see if there were anymore traps by this person….. a few tweets later was the following…

I actually admire her honesty... I'll be over in 15 (jus playin)


That one was such a combo cause even after someone evaded the trap… the Trapper came back around from the other side… and pounced… Jurassic Park Swag for the win!

Whoever RT this did the right thing... Good Job My friend! BRAVO!!

All I can say… is Damn y’all….


Submitted by DLo "The Don"

Not Only did my boy get smacked with one of the HARDEST TO AVOID Thirst traps EVER (straight to the phone and directly asking for possibly Hot CRAZY sex) but he KNEW what she was on and countered like a champion… TWICE! He’s an EFFING AMERICAN ICON for this! you deserve a purple heart my friend… it’s hard to turn down sex from a crazy person but we have all had to do it!

Second order of business… Lots of you have asked me:

“Wordz how do you navigate/disarm/prevent a Thirst trap?”

There are many ways however I’ve found the 2 MOST effective ways to navigate a Thirst Trap are:

1. Ignore the SH*T out of it!!

Thats right… Ignore… the living SH*T out of it… Nothing defeats a desperate and obvious plea for attention then NOT giving it attention at all. To me this is the BEST medicine for it… once you see it and identify the sad attempt for what it is… walk… away!

2. Call it for the Thirst Trap it is… laugh and keep it moving!

if you get caught with any other comment or sucked into a retweet… it’s too late, you’re just stuck, the only way to handle the situation once actually THERE… is to do what we’ve seen a lot of in the examples above… CALL IT OUT, then keep it moving! otherwise you my friend… are a statistic and or a sucka.

more coming soon…

You are welcome….