What EXACTLY is a “Ratchet?”

Hello friends,

There is a LOT of controversy around the new use of the term “ratchet” so first allow me to disambiguate what is ACTUALLY IS to the rest of the intelligent world then I will delve into the colloquialism… let’s go!

Dictionary.com and Wikipedia say



ratchet is a device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction. Because most socket wrenches today use ratcheting handles, the term “ratchet” alone is often used to refer to a ratcheting wrench, and the terms “ratchet” and “socket” are closely associated in many users’ minds.
1. a toothed bar with which a pawl engages.
2. (not in technical use) a pawl or the like used with a ratchet or ratchet wheel.
3. a mechanism consisting of such a bar or wheel with the pawl.
4. ratchet wheel
5. a steady progression up or down: (the upward ratchet of oil prices.)
Famous Ratchets in this category:

The ratchet wheel

ratchets by craftsman

Ratchet and Clank's hero

The autobot

These are ALL acceptable and commonly recognised usages of the term “ratchet”
however the way the kiddies are using it now is a bit different…
NOW they say…


not unlike the way the word “whore” turned into “hoe” a “Ratchet” comes from the term “Hood RAT”
1. someone or some THING very ghetto
2. a woman who is extremely ghetto/hood with poor morels & or is very generous with her vagina.

Kind of like most of the FOL2 cast

3. any thing extremely ghetto/hood that is unfavorable/socially unacceptable in most circles

4. a woman who dresses or behaves in a juvenile fashion

5. all of the above but add an element of uncleanliness

ex. “dude, her zebra jeggings are ratchet as hell!”

ex. “She’s 45 and still rockin leopard stretch pants? Yeah, shes double ratchet!”

not so famous ratchets of this category

this is NOT what they mean by "Go Ham" by the way...

Yes... that IS an ejaculating Penis tat on her chest...

and in case you think “that’s just an odd camera angle”

Not really sure if its a fail tho, what if I needed instructions?

Jesus take the wheel indeed! The second most major fail here is them blurring her face when her other pic (above) is all OVER the internet unblurred… but alas… you all need MORE examples of ratchet… so here goes….


now I know what y’all are thinking… but no there is NO relation to the character “Robbie” from dinosaurs…

... or maybe there is

hmm one more ratchet example for y’all…

I... hate... everything

Even text messages can be ratchet…

nuff said...

I hate everything

it’s her way of thinking that I hate, Hell we have all done laundry but thinking of your children as just some free labor so you can be lazy pisses me off… A LOT…

this one is just funny, but the way to handle surprised "Ratchet" behavior

others have heard people using the term “ratchet” in place of “wretched”… when that happens you have full permission to slap the offender, untill then this is a term NOW being used out of context but to be honest it amuses me so I personally will allow it… till next time friends.