Sindy Sharmuta

I was once in a long-term relationship with someone who… well I’ll be honest, was as dumb as a box of rocks.

Although I'm sure she is better in bed...

As you know I rename people so for the purposes of THIS SADventure we will call this waste of DNA:

Sindy Sharmuta

Instead of talking about how I ended up with someone so puerile and half-witted, I would rather go on to the hilarity of this particular SADventure.

I’ll be the first to admit Ms. Sharmuta had it kind of rough, she was a single parent of three going through divorce. That’s tough for anyone WITHOUT compounding idiocy ON TOP of it.

“So uh.. Wordz… What’s the point?”

One day I noticed what appeared to be chewing gum stuck to the bottom of her bath tub (not hard to notice when you take showers there 5 days out of the week.) After some time and observation I later noticed… not only was the gum STILL there, however with the exception of the toilet… the bathroom was pretty filthy… but especially that DAMN tub…

... I swear it shoulda said "REDRUM" in that shower

Okay, so it WASN’T that bad… but anyhow.

After inspecting the area, looking around yet not finding any Comet, soft scrub, Ajax, gloves, brillo pads, or much of ANYTHING… I ask Sindy how often she cleaned the bathroom and she replied,

around twice a week.

As someone who is very big on bathroom cleanliness I found it hard to believe so I asked her how often she cleaned the shower/bathtub. Again she retorts

around twice a week!

now baffled… I inquire what cleanser she uses (because whatever she used, was terrible)

and I swear to GOD she tells me that she

Cleans the tub with scrubbing bubbles because all you have to do is spray it and it cleans itself…

“Wordz… What’s so Bad or Stupid about that?”


Yes People, after seeing American Versions of this commercial she was convinced… that the tub her children bath in every… DAY… would somehow be magically cleaned by animated brushes inside the foam.

now… I know what you’re thinking, but if she WASN’T this stupid then why… WHY… was there GUM stuck to the tubs bottom for OVER TWO WEEKS?


WHY when I cleaned the tub with stuff I brought over later that day, did was she AMAZED and told me she’d NEVER in the YEAR she lived there EVER seen the tub that clean? UGH! thinking about this and other dumb stuff makes my head hurt…


hmm… I’m sure there is a Nicki Manaj Joke in here Somewhere… Oh well

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