Custom Thirst Traps

Wordz here, to yet AGAIN Save you all… Previously I showed you Exactly what a “Thirst Trap” was…

Then I showed you “How to Disarm a Thirst Trap”

this time I discuss…


Kind of like That beer calling his name....

By definition a “Custom thirst trap” is usually made/set by someone who knows you (usually an ex.)

Wordz, How are these more dangerous than regular thirst traps?

because unlike a regular thirst trap that is mostly just to get ANYONES attention, a CUSTOM thirst trap is DIRECTED at you and usually VERY specific.

Dont worry fellas, I know that we’re stupid so here is an example….

Regular thirst trap Example: Because she has AMAZING...... uhm.... Eyes?

While a CUSTOM Thirst Trap….

Imagine each post-it has YOUR NAME on it... & you like blondes A LOT

Get it fellas? Probly not. A custom thirst trap can be anything specific to YOU that you just can’t seem to ignore. When (Insert name here) wants YOUR attention and knows that you would NEVER fall for it under normal circumstances OR just wants your attention, it happens.

This is a message in the form of your favorite song no no not just that your favorite LYRICS from that song, or asking you questions about a pet that one of you has that you love. (I’ve had Ex’s send me pics of their children that I absolutely adore.) Whatever the question picture song or comment is it is unexpected/uninvited and BOOM there you are, having a conversation that you didn’t want to have… more than likely feeling some kind of way and then… they win.

Normally Woman are FAR better at the custom thirst trap then men, they have style, finesse (not to mension T&A) and they KNOW how to get under your skin using said style and finesse.

(or T&A, we men are VERY complicated)

Typically we men don’t know how to use any of the same advanced techniques… most of us guys just resort to apology or begging or playing you your favorite love song or something.

Anyway folks best way to defuse those is the same way as I’ve previously stated… however it is MUCH MUCH harder to ignore someone who has the proverbial keys to your locks.