Low Cost Low Pressure First Dates

So you met a young lady that you think has potential, EXCELLENT!

You don’t need to be specifically “charming” or “good with women” in order to utilize this article, The goal here is to be original, not break the bank (or seem stupid) as well as for you and your date to get to know each other.

“Let’s go for a Drink”

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT be confused here, I am NOT saying “Take her to the rough bar/club in the seedy neighborhood that you and your boys go too.”

miiiiight not be a good idea

No, a nice afternoon plan to meet for a cup of coffee, a DRINK OR TWO (not getting hammered idiot) or hey even a glass of water at a decent enough establishment. Is a solid plan for a first date. You can show up, have idle conversation about ANYTHING going on around you, and carry on with your day. not only that but depending on where and what you drink you can walk out of there having spent as little as 0 dollars.

LISTEN UP: BRING SOMETHING TO DO!! The reason I Suggest you bring something to do fellas is because If your date doesn’t show up you can STILL be productive. It also takes the edge off of that self-conscious feeling that you look stupid just sitting alone. Bring a book to read, or a small assignment/project you’re working on. Heck, if she shows up you’ll have something ELSE to talk about in YOUR ball park.

“Let’s check out the _______ Museum”

Museums are a VERY good way to set yourself apart from the seas of men who take her to McDonald’s or the back seat of their cars.

or ya know... both

This one’s pretty simple, there is art or whatever EVERYWHERE! All you have to do is ASK your date what she thinks about it, this can tell you LOTS about the type of person you’re dating (if you’ve gotten her to a museum that’s an indicator as well.) Museums are typically cheap or free, and LOTS of them have a place where you can sit and get coffee.

LISTEN UP: You… the guy who probably skipped this section cause he knows NOTHING about art, guess what? NEITHER DO I!! So please listen when I say YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW SH*T ABOUT THE ART OR THE MUSEUM!! I mean it can certainly help (especially if you’re with someone who IS into art,) However The problem with most of us as men is if we DO have some over abundance of knowledge we get busy “educating” our date instead of “Dating” our date. (Kind of like the one guy who works at every Best Buy who actually knows about computers.)

"Forget finding out what your needs are, let me explain features of this PC that you'll NEVER use... for an hour."

The trick is to attempt to limit your time there. It can be very easy to spend a few HOURS in a museum of any kind but as I like to preach to the youth (and as I will put in a separate article) keep the first date short and sweet (“have time in mind”)

“Let’s go Bowling”

Admittedly this is one of the epic cheap dates that I forget about THE MOST! Bowling is a great idea whether you are a GREAT bowler or a TERRIBLE bowler (like myself.) At the very least you are a terrible bowler and you both can laugh at this together, OR you’re an AMAZING bowler (like my boy Dom) and are able to “teach” the young lady hence having reasons to get very close to her.

Then again ladies Love this dashing SOB regardless

Bowling is generally inexpensive as well, I know some alleys charge as little as 2 dollars, then there are ones that let you bowl free with your employer etc.

LISTEN UP: Let’s for the sake of argument that for whatever reason you REALLY Hate to bowl or for whatever reason just dislike the idea

Maybe you were attacked by a bowling ball....

if you pick the right alley some have Pool, foosball, air hockey hell some even have bars in them (that’s the only reason I go ha-ha!) Heck when I visited a friend in Detroit there was an alley connected to a movie theater and skating rink. LOTS to do!

“Let’s Go to the Zoo”

Another easy idea, the Zoo is a lot like going to the museum and in my home town it was free to get in on Monday’s. Not much to say about this one. Copy and paste the rules about a museum here. I WILL ad that this is a great idea for your first or fourteenth date, heck if the woman has children or a small relative it might be a good idea to (later on down the line) bring them. They will have a BLAST!

“Let’s Go to the BookStore”

While they’re still around Bookstores/Vintage book stores are Pretty great places to take dates. There are WORLDS of things to talk about all around you! Worst case go to the kids section and look for a book that was read to you as a child.

you never know what you have in common with the rest of the world...

I’ve also found that more often than not women tend to be more well read then we are as men so it NEVER hurts to ask her what her favorite book is, what she’s read lately or reading now. Typically there are places to sit and socialize quietly, the atmosphere is nice and even in the event that it is at all crowded it is more than tolerable. Book stores are free admission (for now at least) and unless you just HAVE to buy a book this date will cost you ZERO DOLLARS!

LISTEN UP: This is another place where you can bring something to do, HOWEVER the great thing about the book store is you really don’t have to… there are books… find one on something you find interesting or always wanted to study… you might find out it is a common interest with your date which can go well for your image.

this? tis my reading robe and monocle... get like me...... Swag.

(and yes based on the photo of my boy Dom up there I’m pretty convinced someone painted his future self… you are NOT slick sir)

“Let’s Go for a Walk (Just Hang out)”

This is my favorite of all of them Period. Hands down. The absolute BEST date that I ever went on with a young lady was an unplanned walk. I took her to a park that I was familiar with as a child, we walked, talked laughed shared stories, EPIC time. I’ll Never forget it!

Walking made easier for lazy Americans

The main reasons I love walks, You can go for a walk almost ANYWHERE! Picking the Venue is important and SO easy! Most cities have Botanical gardens of some sort, but if you’re allergic to EVERYTHING (like I am) you can go to any National Park (MetroParks for my Ohioans) The Beach, any nice Festivals going on (another fav of mine) a nice neighborhood you are familiar with The options are literally COUNTLESS.

Listen Up: Now of course there’s “Movie night” at your place and things like that. however unless you REALLY know/trust the person I would reserve this for later dates. however the most important take away here is to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!! Lots of these ideas will be uncomfortable or lame for the young lady in question. Heck a Haunted House is a great idea untill you find out that ghosts make the woman pee in her pants or something like that. just make sure you do a little research/intel and chances are a great time will be had by all!

That’s it for now kind folks. Anyone else have any nice ideas that I didn’t post? I know I did.