I had a convo with my good friend “Showbiz” the other day…

We’re both well dressed spoken word poets

Showbiz ran into a young lady and attempted to remind me about a forgotten encounter I had a few years back. So tragic was this forgotten encounter that even after NUMEROUS reminders I had no idea what he was talking about. (It could have been the numerous shots of Patron but I digress.)

Anyway for the purposes of this SADventure we will call this young lady


After my memory was properly  brought back to life it all TERRIBLY came back to me! One night while hanging out with the fellows (yeah I said “the fellows” damn it!) a young lady approached me and started chatting me up. Not uncommon, we’re at a “bar” it was a social gathering, friendly atmosphere, she was passably attractive, natural hair in a compelling shade…

and a Pair of REALLY good “friends” playing “Wing-Man” for her…

She explained to me that we’d met before (which I SWEAR I STILL don’t remember) and she loved my poetry etc. Even if she was lying about having met me, she was well spoken AND she was catering to my ego by exuding fan worship so I figured she was cool.

Not to mention I’m a sucker for a woman with good…. “friends!”

After a few minutes I started noticing some things that INITIALLY were kind of a turn on however seemed kind of “Red Flaggy”  plus there was something bugging me I couldn’t put my finger on. so I ended the convo and went back over to my friends. Since “Game recognises Game” I realized very early on that she was interested and like clock work “Goodie” found an excuse to approach me again and engage me in some BS conversation. (Unrelated RANDOM Side note: Anytime ANYONE says “Bull sh*t convorsation” I automatically think about that old Master P and Ice Cube song where he says “Bull Sh*t convorsation… bout yo occupation”) She was fairly aggressive and pretty damn confident as well, expressed her interest in getting to know me and my poetry etc. then gave me her number.

So you may ask… “Wordz, HOW is this a SADventure?”

I’m glad you asked!! Now the next part is sort of foggy, because I’m really not sure what triggered this however she CASUALLY mentions that she’s married yet separated…

“But Wordz, You messed around with married/separated women before whats the issue??”

Did I forget to mention that her husband was the one who brought her to the bar? Yeah… Looming in the corner at the END of the bar… was a very displeased man… he wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t eating, not playing brick breaker on his cell phone he was simply… watching…  just watching… Annoyed… and Angrily

Sort of like this, but if it was R.E. I wouldn’t be writing this right now…

So “Goodie” begins to explain to me that “They are separated” but “can’t afford a divorce” or something like that and “Can’t afford to move into different houses” and that “He’s cool” “He knows I talk to other people” “He takes me to bars all the time” Honestly people she gave me SO MANY convoluted and different Bull Sh*t excuses… I forget… however As I began to remember that night I remember taking note of that guy EVERY TIME we spoke. Sitting there… Angry… almost like he’d been FORCED at gun point to be there and watch his wife commit premeditated adultery for the 85th time.

Needless to say I never went that route!

I know a bad route when I see one… no GPS needed!

“Never?? Why not! She was DTF and the dude was CLEARLY a sucka!”

These things, all true. However, it was obvious to me that this is something that she does often, I do my best to avoid extremely promiscuous women (“fast food”)… if its easy to get, everyone’s had it then it’s not Special at all NOR a challenge, I ALSO do my best not to invest time in situations that can’t end with me having exclusivity if I want it. It also occurred to me that they might just be one of those swinging open relationship type of couples that are into threesomes etc. Yeah… that’s cool and all but even putting the first two things I said aside… I’m still not into Two man threesome action, I just CANT entertain the possibility of any potential man on man contact while I’m doing my thing, I don’t care WHO you are! Even if I WAS THE ONLY ONE HAVING SEX WITH HER! The possibility of some big angry dude in the back ground masturbating is NOT appealing to me at ALL!

Naw… I’m good… no thank you…

Not only that there’s a chance that the time her and I messed around would be that LAST STRAW where that dude snapped and Killed the SH*T out of both of us… naw… I’m good… no thank you.

The Sad thing is I’d seen her NUMEROUS places in the following months, each time she was with her “husband” ignoring the hell out of him “doing her thing” then she would see me and bop her way on over to me and give her number to me AGAIN… excluding the time I saw her while we were both on dates.

To top it all off, “Goodie” was brought up because she gave my boy her number smh…