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I had a convo with my good friend “Showbiz” the other day… Showbiz ran into a young lady and attempted to remind me about a forgotten encounter I had a few years back.… Continue reading

The Vagina with a Price Tag

Hello again Good people and fans of my misery.  This particular instance is about a young lady who we will call… Tierra (Fellas, I apologize in advance) Shortly after taking on a new… Continue reading

Ismenia part 1

So in lew of my book (“The Sound of Falling Things”) being near completion, I wrote a Poem titled “Cou(tor)Ture” about a young lady I was VERY fond of that things just didn’t… Continue reading

Sindy Sharmuta

I was once in a long-term relationship with someone who… well I’ll be honest, was as dumb as a box of rocks. As you know I rename people so for the purposes of… Continue reading

“Call of the WILD”

Hello good people and happy new year…. For most of us, drinking…. not a bad idea… fun times! Then picking up the phone while drinking, comical, funny, harmless… but then there are those… Continue reading

Chronicles of Ridiculousness: Miss-Taken Identity 1

As I’ve said before many of times I am no stranger to “borrowing”…. no no… I’m sorry… “The Miss-Appropriation of assets.” Meaning, I’ve dated taken or shared my share of girlfriends boo-thangs “special… Continue reading

“My [ ]… a place for the insane…”

Long ago… in a distant land… far far away… Unless you’re in Cleveland Ohio, I decided to date a woman on what is now called “My [            … Continue reading

“Double-Diner-Disaster” aka “C-Whop I’m Sorry”

For the purposes of this excercise I’m going to call this tragic waste of DNA Tweety A few years back I met a young lady at some fast food restaurant… (yeah… already all… Continue reading

Is your woman cheating on you?

Well hell how am I suppose to know? (I mean, other than the fact that I somehow attract women who are unhappily Married or in serious relationships.) I’ll tell you what… would it… Continue reading

“Grand Theft Ghetto” aka “Lou, My Bad?”

unfortunately sometimes the insanity of the women I date spreads to my friends. I briefly dated a young lady that had such a ghetto name that replacing it with a standard name would… Continue reading