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Rookies vs Vets: The Veteran

Yes, Part two of Rookies vs Vets, and you’re welcome! So in part one we explored the wonderful world of “the rookie” the deliciously naive and eager to please! however THIS article is… Continue reading

Rookies vs Vets Part 1: “The Rookie”

This is an age-old debate my friend Will and I get into ALL the time, Cougars vs. Kittens Rookies vs. Vets I’ve Dated plenty of women that were a few years younger than… Continue reading

Custom Thirst Traps

Wordz here, to yet AGAIN Save you all… Previously I showed you Exactly what a “Thirst Trap” was… Then I showed you “How to Disarm a Thirst Trap” this time I discuss… CUSTOM… Continue reading

What EXACTLY is a “Ratchet?”

Hello friends, There is a LOT of controversy around the new use of the term “ratchet” so first allow me to disambiguate what is ACTUALLY IS to the rest of the intelligent world… Continue reading

BEWARE!! More Thirst Traps!! (plus how to disarm them!!)

Hello friends… the epidemic of Thirst Traps is spreading like wildfire… however, I am STILL here to inform AND to save you all!! So for those of you who are unaware of what… Continue reading

Good to know Wordz-Terminology

So… Since this is MY Dating blog… I’m going to be comfortable and type/write to you as if I’m speaking to you in person so here’s a Quick study guide on some key… Continue reading

What exactly IS a “Sadventure?”

So basically “SAD” is a Term I came up with around 9 or so years ago. It stands for “S.ingle A.nd D.ating.” I feel like Dating and being in a relationship are two… Continue reading