Custom Thirst Traps

Wordz here, to yet AGAIN Save you all… Previously I showed you Exactly what a “Thirst Trap” was… Then I showed you “How to Disarm a Thirst Trap” this time I discuss… CUSTOM… Continue reading

Sindy Sharmuta

I was once in a long-term relationship with someone who… well I’ll be honest, was as dumb as a box of rocks. As you know I rename people so for the purposes of… Continue reading

What EXACTLY is a “Ratchet?”

Hello friends, There is a LOT of controversy around the new use of the term “ratchet” so first allow me to disambiguate what is ACTUALLY IS to the rest of the intelligent world… Continue reading

“Call of the WILD”

Hello good people and happy new year…. For most of us, drinking…. not a bad idea… fun times! Then picking up the phone while drinking, comical, funny, harmless… but then there are those… Continue reading

Chronicles of Ridiculousness: Miss-Taken Identity 1

As I’ve said before many of times I am no stranger to “borrowing”…. no no… I’m sorry… “The Miss-Appropriation of assets.” Meaning, I’ve dated taken or shared my share of girlfriends boo-thangs “special… Continue reading

Dating Dont’s: Movie etiquette

Most all of us have been on a date that involved (you guessed it) going to the movies! You know, where you and whoever you’re with sit for around 90 or so minutes… Continue reading

BEWARE!! More Thirst Traps!! (plus how to disarm them!!)

Hello friends… the epidemic of Thirst Traps is spreading like wildfire… however, I am STILL here to inform AND to save you all!! So for those of you who are unaware of what… Continue reading

“My [ ]… a place for the insane…”

Long ago… in a distant land… far far away… Unless you’re in Cleveland Ohio, I decided to date a woman on what is now called “My [            … Continue reading

Beware!! “Stage 5 Clingers”

Recently I had a SADventure that made me write this article… I will code name THIS particular clinger: “Dana Haughton”  Anyway kind people this particular danger is defiantly Uni-Sex… I have friends (both… Continue reading

Strange things that turn me off

Hello again beautiful people… and the ugly people in the front. It takes A LOT for a girl to become a woman, and EVEN MORE for a woman to be considered a “Lady.”… Continue reading