Are you ACTUALLY good in Bed??

YET AGAIN WORDZ IS HERE TO HELP!! I’m about to Make you better in bed ladies!! It’s no major secret that I have more mileage than a used tire on a big rig… Continue reading

“Double-Diner-Disaster” aka “C-Whop I’m Sorry”

For the purposes of this excercise I’m going to call this tragic waste of DNA Tweety A few years back I met a young lady at some fast food restaurant… (yeah… already all… Continue reading

What EXACTLY is a Thirst Trap?

“Wordz… What exactly IS a thirst trap?? That isn’t in your Wordz-Terminology yet!” ¬†Well my young friend, any red-blooded young man has seen and or fallen for MANY a “thirst trap” in his… Continue reading

Is your woman cheating on you?

Well hell how am I suppose to know? (I mean, other than the fact that I somehow attract women who are unhappily Married or in serious relationships.) I’ll tell you what… would it… Continue reading

“Grand Theft Ghetto” aka “Lou, My Bad?”

unfortunately sometimes the insanity of the women I date spreads to my friends. I briefly dated a young lady that had such a ghetto name that replacing it with a standard name would… Continue reading

3 TERRIBLE Places to meet Women (that ALMOST got me)

(Before you read this… if you are easily offended or don’t have a sence of humor… don’t read this, then go kill yourself. I also dedicate this post to my love for,… Continue reading

“The Bat-Sh*t Insane Award goes too…”

There is ONE woman who I will say STILL TO THIS DAY defines¬†Nightmare Fuel unfortunately I have numerous stories about this young Scorpio lady because this was when I was much younger and… Continue reading

Hell Date: “The Couple that gets Shot Together…”

Well here we go… For the purposes of THIS SADventure… We will call this walking nightmare “Judy” I went to High School with this particular young lady who was always a bit… “eccentric”… Continue reading

Good to know Wordz-Terminology

So… Since this is MY Dating blog… I’m going to be comfortable and type/write to you as if I’m speaking to you in person so here’s a Quick study guide on some key… Continue reading

What exactly IS a “Sadventure?”

So basically “SAD” is a Term I came up with around 9 or so years ago. It stands for “S.ingle A.nd D.ating.” I feel like Dating and being in a relationship are two… Continue reading