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Custom Thirst Traps

Wordz here, to yet AGAIN Save you all… Previously I showed you Exactly what a “Thirst Trap” was… Then I showed you “How to Disarm a Thirst Trap” this time I discuss… CUSTOM… Continue reading

BEWARE!! More Thirst Traps!! (plus how to disarm them!!)

Hello friends… the epidemic of Thirst Traps is spreading like wildfire… however, I am STILL here to inform AND to save you all!! So for those of you who are unaware of what… Continue reading

What EXACTLY is a Thirst Trap?

“Wordz… What exactly IS a thirst trap?? That isn’t in your Wordz-Terminology yet!” ¬†Well my young friend, any red-blooded young man has seen and or fallen for MANY a “thirst trap” in his… Continue reading