Ismenia part 1

So in lew of my book (“The Sound of Falling Things”) being near completion, I wrote a Poem titled “Cou(tor)Ture” about a young lady I was VERY fond of that things just didn’t work out with. So I decided to let you kind folks know about her.

It was very difficult to actually come up with a name for this particular master manipulator because ALMOST NOTHING sounds like or is related to her name that I could just USE where it wouldn’t be obvious, however Wordz did it… so for this article and any forthcoming I will call her:


You’re Welcome

We are going to breeze through the “I knew her when we were both very young and forgot” portion of the story by saying JUST that. Then jump right into the “Several Years Later… (but like 5 years ago)” I was out with two of my friends at a local movie theater. Let’s Call the pertinent one:

Wonder-Bread” or “WB

One of my former co-workers shows up with his girl friend as an “Arm Charm”…  you guessed it “Ismenia” At first she seemed sort of timid and uncomfortable, I remember thinking “She’s Kinda shy for a girl so effin cute.”

Let her tell it: She WASN’T that shy

Around a month or more later the five-minute memory of meeting “Ismenia” and her Boyfriend “Sean” in that dark theater was gone…. as she started working at my job. Rumor quickly spread that she had a REALLY serious crush on “Wonder-Bread” (who was ALSO at the theater and ALSO had NO IDEA who she was when he saw her again.) So after being asked (by her) and bribed with her cute single friend “Nikki” (ANOTHER sadventure) I decided to Hook her up with “WB.”

Creating a stereo-typical love triangle (with 10% more Black People)

You see at this point “Wonder-Bread” wasn’t at all interested in “Ismenia,” matter of fact he made fun of how large and round her head was on her small frame…

in fact I’m pretty sure this was the joke he made

Anyway after a day or two of her using her friend as leverage I basically forced “Wonder Bread” into the double date and the half relationship that followed. As the weeks went on “Wonder Bread” became more and more agitated with “Ismenia” (those two were like oil and water) at the same time “Ismenia” and I became pretty close friends.

Wonder bread” proposed a trade NUMEROUS times

As much as I’m gonna lose man points for this I never even considered “the trade” 1) I’ve never been down for “trading,” people aren’t property 2) the thought of “left-overs” isn’t at all appealing to me 3) I’d become really good friends with “Ismenia” by that time, though I can’t deny that I found her attractive… 4) her boring *ss friend “Nikki” I was dating was Hot as hell!

Shown above: her friends personality

In fact the real Sadventure here is probably that I dated her friend at all but I digress…

Anyhow let’s make sure we have all the facts straight before I continue, “Ismenia” is already in a relationship with “Sean” (unbeknownst to anyone) but came after and started dating “Wonder Bread,” I started dating her boring friend “Nikki” and WB and I were both feeling like we had more in common with the OTHER persons “Significant other.”

Simple right?

So it was slightly after Valentines day that everything went  to hell in a hand basket (nope… won’t throw a funny picture on that one.) The four of us (“Nikki Ismenia Wonder Bread Wordz”) were all having a wonderful time at mi casa, Nikki and I were watching a movie, “Wonder Bread” and Ismenia were in my basement playing pool (making out) and then some huge argument broke out… now I wasn’t IN the room and both stories were different however knowing them both the way I do it went down something like this…

How it got started….

Now, I commend any woman for respecting her body and not throwing vagina at people but you see “Ismenia” is a world-class tease (which we didn’t know at the time) and from all accounts had everything set up for sex (this wasnt the first time either with them from what I’ve been told)… I’m talking as far as you could go… prior to penetration. So “WB” goes for it, she pushes him off of her… that’s when “Wonder Bread” Looses it… I mean total melt down

on a scale of Charlie Sheen to Mel Gibson “WB” was here

they start arguing and he says something to her like “That’s how hoes get raped” and storms outside. (reactions like this is why I haven’t spoken to this dude in almost 2 years.) This sets off a chain of events that ended everything for everyone. “Ismenia”  was no longer having fun with her puppeteer game.

lesson: indirectly calling your date a “hoe” can ruin your night

Once she was dressed she came upstairs, snatched up Nikki and left. The next day she went to “Seans” house in tears and told him that she went to “hang out” at my place and “some guy” tried to force himself on her. So now Sean is all pissed cause some guy almost raped his Girl-Friend at my house. (Mind you up to this point no one put together that we actually knew this girl from Sean. then again if we did we probably wouldn’t have cared because that damage had already been done.) I get a phone call at work from an enraged Sean… typical angry guy call… mostly threats etc. her in the back ground crying blah blah blah he vows to beat the hell out of “WB” and proceeds to stalk him (get his number came up to the job a few times etc.) nothing ever happened between “WB” and “Sean” mostly threats back and forth. I ended my situation with “Nikki” and I wouldn’t hear from “Ismenia” for another 2 years.

ah to be young and stupid enough for dumb stuff like this again….