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I had a convo with my good friend “Showbiz” the other day… Showbiz ran into a young lady and attempted to remind me about a forgotten encounter I had a few years back.… Continue reading


This my friends and readers is (in short) the definition of “Honesty.” So the question still remains, “What is the key to being honest (or at LEAST more honest than normal?)” I don’t… Continue reading

The Vagina with a Price Tag

Hello again Good people and fans of my misery. ┬áThis particular instance is about a young lady who we will call… Tierra (Fellas, I apologize in advance) Shortly after taking on a new… Continue reading

Things Men Wished Women Knew (part 1)

Compliment us! Society and our upbringing make us (well USE to make us) want to be these, stone faced, testosterone filled, iron cut, emotionless, THINGS. We aren’t suppose to look good for you… Continue reading

Ismenia part 1

So in lew of my book (“The Sound of Falling Things”) being near completion, I wrote a Poem titled “Cou(tor)Ture” about a young lady I was VERY fond of that things just didn’t… Continue reading

Rookies vs Vets: The Veteran

Yes, Part two of Rookies vs Vets, and you’re welcome! So in part one we explored the wonderful world of “the rookie” the deliciously naive and eager to please! however THIS article is… Continue reading

Confidence Building for the Lazy/Shy/Downtrodden

Almost any woman will agree one of the most attractive and sexy thing a man can have is confidence… Having confidence (and Loving yourself) is SO important, “Confidence is better than competence” is… Continue reading

Low Cost Low Pressure First Dates

So you met a young lady that you think has potential, EXCELLENT! You don’t need to be specifically “charming” or “good with women” in order to utilize this article,┬áThe goal here is to… Continue reading

Rookies vs Vets Part 1: “The Rookie”

This is an age-old debate my friend Will and I get into ALL the time, Cougars vs. Kittens Rookies vs. Vets I’ve Dated plenty of women that were a few years younger than… Continue reading